All we had to do was figure out how to improve our air quality

For a good part of my life, I have lived up north, where the weather is cool for the better part of the year.

We easily get a Summer season, but the sunshine is not that overwhelming even then! For any person who needs to experience a break, it’s usually best to make plans for a vacation to a warmer climate! My partner & I had a golden chance to grow our business, but this would mean taking it to an arena with way more people.

Our main investor suggested a few locations we could move to, & we chose a single of the warmest & driest areas in the country. This is where people look tanned all the time, & there’s so much dust! But, it also had a relatively vibrant economy & demand for our top products. All of us obtained an appealing residence in a charming location. This new residence was in excellent shape, but we had to set up a new A/C machine. The old machine in the residence was only going to serve us for a short while. After moving it, we began working to establish the supplier. It really is a good thing for us, we could do all our work from the residence since this was a remote business. The new residence easily had ample space for an office & everything else we needed. Plus, the new A/C machine kept us feeling totally comfortable & cool when the heat was a bit too much to take on. But, a single drawback we faced was horrendous air quality. The new residence always had a funny & dusty smell, & this was apparent by the counters & other areas we had to keep on dusting! In a bid to figure out a solution, we spoke with an A/C machine tech who suggested we get a powerful air purification system.


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