Dealing with a broken cooling system all through the holiday weekend

It had been such a stressed week at work as all of us were running audits for the year.

The bosses wanted the exercise to be complete by the holiday weekend.

All of us pushed ourselves to finish the project that Friday before the long holiday weekend began. I remember feeling relieved when all of us wrapped up. All I wanted to do was to go home, cook myself a attractive meal the rest of the night. I did just that but when I woke the following day, my cooling system was not working. I tried fumbling with the controls on the unit to get it started but nothing worked. After about 2 minutes of messing with the button as well as the temperature control, I recalled having an air conditioning care method given to myself and others by the air conditioning representative from the local air conditioning business that had done my cooling system replacement. The only thing I could do as section of the air conditioning care was to change the filters, the rest had to be done by a professional air conditioning worker. I had only a single filter left as well as I managed to install it successfully. I made a note to visit the air conditioning contractor the following week for more filters. Replacing the filters did not work, the apartment was still tepid as well as the air quality was not amusing. I had planned to have the annual air conditioning maintenance as well as air conditioning repairs done the following week. After pursuing through the method as well as the internet for solutions, I settled for my resting fan as my up-to-date air conditioning plan for the weekend. While trying to solve my issue, I learn up on the respected air conditioning service as well as reserved questions as well as clarifications to the experts from the air conditioning company that I was expecting that Friday.

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