Getting help with heat and humidity thanks to heat pump

When it gets hot around here, I mean it gets hot.

Thankfully, unlike several of our ancestors, I was born in an age of residential Heating and Air Conditioning.

I can only imagine what those folks had to endure before air conditioning. I suppose 1 thing, without Heating and Air Conditioning cooling, I sure wouldn’t be doing much of anything at all in the summer. I heard tales from our Grandfatherrents about how they had to adjust to the heat and humidity of the summer. It meant a wake up call of 3 in the day to get to laboring by 4. The heat of the afternoon had to be spent resting in the shade with a hope for a breeze however at least maybe a hand fan; I can imagine having to deal with that sort of change to our schedule. But I get the benefit of Heating and Air Conditioning technology which created the heat pump. While the Heating and Air Conditioning technology of the heat pump still relies on about the same dynamic of physics and engineering, it’ still come a long way. There have been dramatic gains in both Heating and Air Conditioning technology and efficiency in the 78 or so years that it’s been around. One thing I give thanks for is that the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling process also helps balance the humidity level in the house as well. That is so crucial to keep the yellow stuff appreciate mold and mildew at bay without being elbow deep in bleach water. The Heating and Air Conditioning cooling process helps unconnect moisture from the air and replace it with cooling however dryer air. That helps to mitigate mold & mildew growth.

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