It was all thanks to a great HVAC contractor

There has been so much change in just the past 20 years that it’s sort of staggering for me really.

Even 20 years ago, I still sort of felt behind when it came to computers and technology.

So when it came time to focus on the heating and cooling of our new house, I really wasn’t quite sure just where to start. Our last and only family home had the HVAC equipment we put in when we bought last almost until we sold it. In fact, the need to update the residential HVAC was one of the tipping points for us when it came to selling the house. The hot market, the fact that we wanted to build a house and a necessary heating and cooling equipment upgrade were all motivators. I pretty much let the HVAC company replace the HVAC unit with something that would be an industry standard without going overboard. But when it came to our new house, my wife and I had some specific ideas when it came to the heating and cooling. We were so lucky to have had the HVAC contractor that we had. Not only is he such a superior HVAC professional, he really listens as he wanted us to have great HVAC comfort. We were really prioritizing maximum efficiency so we ended up going deep with the HVAC technology. But I don’t feel afraid of it at all. All of the new HVAC technology is so intuitive and easy to embrace. I don’t feel like I can’t set the thermostat on the air conditioning. Yet, I really don’t even have to do that thanks to the smart thermostat!

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