Never too late to go home to all that sweet air conditioner

I really never realized just how much I appreciated where I was from.

When I was growing up, all I could suppose of was getting on out into that big, exciting world outside of our small town.

Plus, I was exhausted of the heat & all the air conditioner. I wanted to go places where it snowed & they had to use things enjoy a gas furnace in order to stay hot in the winter. Well, enjoy I’ve heard all our life, be careful or what you wish for. I sure got exactly what I asked for. The university I ended up attending was up north. This was of course sacrilege to our southern parents who both went to the outdated southern universitys. But our doom room didn’t have an air conditioner. Both of us had radiant heating because that’s all we needed during the university year. I met a girl, got a job & 2 decades flew past with me studying to live with winters & all that gas furnace Heating & A/C heating. But, I’m finally home again. The kids are off to university & our wifey agreed to a trade off. We’d now spend our time in the south. Both of us were trading all that Heating & A/C heating for the air conditioner I used to despise. Well let me tell you, I could not have been more cheerful to make that trade the close I got to fifty. I just couldn’t handle the chilly any longer. All this Heating & A/C cooling is a welcome feeling again. While I could do with a bit less heat & humidity during the worst of summer, I’m still much happier back home in the Heating & A/C cooling.

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