Non-working AC wasn’t a good thing

Lisa was in for a treat when she went to task early a single day.

She heard several rumors that they were getting a new boss, but she couldn’t be sure who it was.

The company president called all the top executives to a meeting to introduce the new general manager of the company. Lisa genuinely was surprised to see that it was her old guy from high school. She hadn’t seen him since that night he broke up with her at graduation. Basically, he was going away for school & was looking to have his freedom. At least, that is what Lisa heard from his continuous explanation. He noticed her in no time, & she walked into the room & smiled. They got an opportunity to catch up after the meeting was done. He apologized again & asked her to have dinner with her. They went to a bar near the job & had such an awesome time catching up now that they were both adults… It was about 11 at night when Lisa got back to her residence & realized her air conditioning machine wasn’t working. It seemed there was something wrong because she recalled checking the temperature control unit before leaving the residence that day. She consistently enjoyed leaving the air conditioning machine on to keep her residence perfectly cool & comfortable in the warm season. Since it was late, Lisa went to sleep after turning on a small portable cooling machine in her room! Early the upcoming day, she called a Heating and A/C machine worker for the Heating and A/C repair since she had no clue why the air conditioner machine was having issues. She knew the AC mechanic would come to evaluate & repair the severe setback, but she had to be a little late to her task for that to happen. Instead, she called in & said she would be working from home for the time being.

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