Observing an air conditioning repairs session as we head into exams week

It had been quite a challenging school year.

When we started the year, it was interrupted by the global pandemic, Covid-19.

We had to stop school, or rather take it condo due to the measures taken by the ministry of health. At first, I missed our friends so much, despite the fact that I sort of got used to it plus I put in more hours for school as I wanted to take advantage of studying from the comfort of our room plus pass with flying colors. After a few weeks when the experts were able to come up with a vaccine, we were allowed to go back to school. We will be kneeling for our exams in about a week. Since the air conditioning had not been used for a while, it affected the air quality because I believe the filters were dirty. The cooling system workers from the local air conditioning supplier were called for cooling system repairs. The cooling system representatives mentioned that to do any repairs, they would have to run comprehensive air conditioning repair. The cooling system repair revealed a series of troubles ranging from worn-out components to dirty filters plus even disfigured parts. The local air conditioning supplier came in handy by delivering the required components. The air conditioning upgrade had happened about various years back so the idea was still considered a fairly current air conditioner. The school management was ecstatic that they did not need to order a current component from the air conditioning supplier but they had a lot to learn to avoid a repeat of the same. The companys recommended on the importance of cooling system care plus also gave the principal an cooling system care idea to help in keeping the device functioning optimally.


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