Old house gets up-to-date Heating & A/C

I’m blissful to get away to the cabin.

It’s a haven & normally, a haven from the stressors in our life.

But as nice as it is to be at the cabin, it’s just gotten a whole lot better. I talked a buddy of mine who is an Heating & A/C professional into installing a pair of ductless heat pumps in our family cabin. This is entirely going to blow our dad’s mind. He may even be temporarily irritated that I made this move without him. But I believe for sure that having quality heating & air in that house will get mom & our wifey out there. And really, that’s sort of what he wants most. Dad’s getting outdated & the house has consistently been maybe his number one place to be. Yet, it was in such rustic, all boy shape that neither of our wives wanted to spend any time there. So, I figured I’d make the house more beautiful to the farer sex & the younger crowd. Along with the residential Heating & A/C equipment. I also had satellite internet hooked up. I cleaned up & painted the interior before adding some comfy couches & chair with a big TV in the corner. Of course the TV is on the opposite side of the fireplace & the view. I won’t be seeing any TV that’s for sure. However, it’s sure going to be nice to have handy Heating & A/C heating in the Winter time before I get the fire started. And sleeping at night will be so much more comfortable in the summer. There are days that just have to have some Heating & A/C cooling to sleep well.

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