Small change to our HVAC routine makes a big difference

I don’t think I really ever had the appreciation for my home that I should have had.

It’s not that I didn’t like where we lived or wish it was vastly different.

No, I think it was more that I just didn’t think all that much about the house at all. And that’s a sort of disconnect that reflects where my head was at for a very long time. For me, I came home to quality heating and air, saw the kids, ate dinner and went to bed. The next day, it was the same all over again. I was sort of an automaton really. It’s not that I didn’t like my life because I did. But I just wasn’t at all engaged with it. That all changed over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, it took something like a pandemic for me to realize that life is for living. The offices with the zone controlled HVAC were shut down and I had to work from home. That was a transition that was not all that pleasant for anyone. My kids were trying to learn remotely from our home while my wife was also trying to working remotely in the air conditioning as well. But the more we tried, the more things became quite pleasant. I started to really live more in the moment due to being at home all that time. And that made me want to make our surroundings that much more comfortable and healthy. To that end, I improved our indoor air quality by upgrading to the HEPA filter instead of the cheap HVAC air filters I’d used for ages.

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