The a/c worker got the wrong address

When I was taking out our last load of laundry, I heard a car coming towards the house.

I was surprised to find an air conditioner business car when I checked.

The guy who got out of the truck introduced himself as an a/c representative. I took a moment to try plus remember if, by any chance, I had called the air conditioner corporation for any a/c care or a/c repair, however I could not come up with anything. When he realized I was looking at him expectantly instead of letting him in towards the A/C installation, he asked if any person called Michael lived in that home. He further explained that Michael had called plus asked for air conditioner service plus given our home address. I just smiled plus showed him where the A/C installation was situated. I concluded that our boyfriend is the a single who had called in for a/c service since he has this sweet habit of giving me random thought-out gifts. So I was not surprised that he called the air conditioner business to handle the a/c care plan I kept postponing. After the a/c worker finished, he asked me why the two of us needed a new cooling system, whereas the a single the two of us had was pretty new, plus from what he had seen, the air quality was also excellent. It took me a moment, plus then I asked him the minute name of Michael, who had called because as far as I was upset, our Michael was well aware that I did not need another A/C installation. When he told me the full name, I realized that he had the wrong address.

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