The challenge of executing a/c service on our own

In the twelve weeks of working in a new air conditioner dealer, the time had come for me to showcase the skills that I had acquired and the confidence I would have in executing the tasks given! The two of us called this day the plain-cloth day because it was a day where junior a/c workers were initiated into a/c representatives that could head a team at a task site! On the plain-clothes day, the people I was with and I were assigned a senior air conditioner supplier to supervise our labor and at the end of the day provide feedback and a score, however just after the people I was with and I were assigned our managers, a call came into the air conditioner supplier offices.

The client was complaining that his cooling system was not working fine… He pointed out that the air quality had significantly decreased.

The system was also making bizarre noises. The client was upset because it was not long ago that the cooling system replacement was done, then my manager chose this case and the people I was with and I headed to the customer’s residence. The client assured us that he had tied up the first air conditioner maintenance session with a unusual dealer. When I examined the system in the course of running the a/c repair, I noticed that the components were covered in dust and dirt; I replaced the filters and illustrated the process to the client so he could change them in the future as area of a/c care. The steps were also outlined on the a/c care system that the client could refer to, after I was done with the a/c service, the unit was care about a new air conditioner. I parked up our gear and the people I was with and I left the client fully satisfied. I got a full score and passed that session.

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