We needed the whole-home air cleaner after relocating

All my life, I’ve lived up north, where the weather is relatively cool for the better part of the year. We get a few months of summer, but the sun isn’t that hot even then. For any person who needs a turn, it’s always best to plan a vacation to a warmer area. My partner and I had a chance to grow our business, but this would mean taking it to a place with more people. Our primary investor suggested a few places, and we chose one of the hottest and driest areas in the country. This is where people always look tanned, and there’s so much dust. But, it also had a vibrant economy and demand for our top products. We bought a lovely two-bedroom house in a beautiful location. This house was in excellent condition, but we had to set up a new AC unit. The old one in the house was only going to serve us for about a year. After moving it, we began working to establish the company. Lucky for us, we could work from home since this was a remote business. The house had ample space for an office and everything that we needed to do. Plus, the new AC unit kept us feeling comfortable and cool when the heat was a bit too much. But, one issue we faced was poor air quality. The house always had a funny and dusty smell, and this was evident by the counters and other areas we kept dusting. In a bid to find a solution, we spoke with an AC expert who suggested we get a whole-home air cleaner.


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