A flipped switch fixed

it When my central heating and air conditioning system went out last it was really horrible because I made a fool of myself.

I called the local heating and air conditioning company for them to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to repair my central heating and cooling unit.

Well when they got here it turned out that all that was wrong was a fuse had blown! I simply could not believe it! Really! A fuse? That is something I could have taken care of myself in a matter of a few minutes or less. And that is exactly what it took the heating and air conditioning specialist to just flip that switch. I could have flipped that switch to reset the fuse and heck, even my 10 year old son could have as well! And I got charged two hundred and seventy five dollars for them coming out to my home for a total of 5 minutes to flip the switch on the fuse box. That is a major embarrassment and a total waste of major cash on nothing. I will in the future have to troubleshoot any heating and air conditioning system issues I may have before running to the phone to call the local heat and a/c company to send out a certified heating and cooling specialist. I bet they love it when things like this happen. Easy money that they can laugh their tails off about to their friends, co-workers and family. I’m sure I was the major joke of the day the day that this happened!


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