A Heated Day on the Beach With the HighSchoolers

I just came back from the beach at noon as well as it was packed with high universityers on a Friday.

  • I asked 1 of them if it was a university holiday today as well as they said no, they just skipped university today because the weather was so nice.

I could see wanting to be in the moderate sun as opposed to a cold classroom with no central heating. For some reason the universitys don’t have any temperature control in them, I assume it is because of a lack of funds. I couldn’t imagine going to class in July with no air conditioning as well as having to rest all day in the sweltering heat. Maybe they get used to it despite the fact that I suppose I would be skipping class quite often if that was the case. I remember in elementary university in the south, all of us had no air conditioning as well as I would be dripping with sweat as I watched the child beside myself and others kill gnats as well as count them on a napkin. It was a slap in the face with heat compared to the cool classrooms I was used to when I lived up north. Luckily, when I made it to middle university all of us had the luxury of a central HVAC system to keep us comfortable year round. I’m so spoiled now in my flat I couldn’t imagine residing without it anymore, not even for a single day. Come to suppose of it, I need to disinfect the HEPA filter today because I observed it is getting a colorless film of dust on it as it’s been a few weeks since I’ve cleaned it.

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