A Heated Day on the Beach With the HighSchoolers

I just came back from the beach at noon and it was packed with high schoolers on a Thursday.

I asked one of them if it was a school holiday today and they said no, they just skipped school today because the weather was so nice. I could see wanting to be in the warm sun as opposed to a cold classroom with no central heating. For some reason the schools don’t have any climate control in them, I guess it is because of a lack of funds. I couldn’t imagine going to class in June with no air conditioning and having to sit all day in the sweltering heat. Maybe they get used to it but I think I would be skipping class quite often if that was the case. I remember in elementary school in the south, we had no air conditioning and I would be sweating as I watched the kid beside me kill gnats and count them on a napkin. It was a slap in the face with heat compared to the cool classrooms I was used to when I lived up north. Luckily, when I made it to middle school we had the luxury of a central HVAC system to keep us comfortable year round. I’m so spoiled now in my flat I couldn’t imagine living without it anymore, not even for a single day. Come to think of it, I need to clean the HEPA filter today because I noticed it is getting a white film of dust on it as it’s been a few months since I’ve cleaned it.

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