Adding an air purifier makes a difference

Last January, the weather was unusually cold.

The local area set records for low temperatures and snow accumulation.

The furnace ran at maximum capacity just about non stop. I noticed that whatever meal I cooked for dinner, the smell of it spread through the house. The odor of roast beef, chicken or spaghetti would get pulled into the ductwork and distributed to every room. The smell would then linger for hours. It was not pleasant to go to bed at night still smelling the evening’s dinner. It let me know that there were most likely some concerns with indoor air quality. I worried that all sorts of contaminants, including mold spores, pet dander, dust and bacteria were also lingering in the air. Because of the severe weather, there was no chance of opening the window and bringing in fresh air. I got in contact with a local HVAC contractor to ask for some recommendations. He explained all the different types of indoor air quality accessories available. I chose an air purifier that installed directly into the ductwork, trapping pollutants, combating odors and killing pathogens. It sends positive and negative ions into the air to positively impact the health of the whole home. The air purifier operates silently and requires only annual maintenance. I have noticed that since adding the air purifier, I don’t suffer from as many headaches. My kids don’t sneeze or cough as often, and the air in the house doesn’t feel quite as dry or stuffy. I like that the air purifier runs 24/7, all year round, to ensure a more hygienic living space.

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