Hand Therapy with Cold Water and A Hot Radiant Heater

My hands are sore today from drumming my djembe last night for three hours. Today I am going to soak them in the cold sea and then warm them next to my radiant space heater for a while. This cold then hot cycling really helps the body recover from joint pain and swelling. I like to run my hot water heater on the hotter side because I fill my bathtub with hot water to soak my whole body after doing my cold dip. I then put this cold gel called Biofreeze on my sore joints to cool them down again, followed by warming them up again using my cold laser, which actually heats up the joints. The radiant heater helps a lot because it heats the body quickly, kind of like the sun would, without having to sit in front of the central heating vent located near my ceiling. I’ve been doing this heat therapy for years for any kind of muscle or joint pain and it works great. Today I plan on digging into my HVAC system in my bathroom, where the air handler is kept, and cleaning out the HEPA filter and condenser grill. It’s up in the ceiling in my bathroom so it is not very easy to access but I have to do it or I will be sneezing all day. The HVAC techs didn’t have any other place they could put the air handler except for up in the bathroom ceiling because my flat is so small. It is fine with me though because I don’t hear it when it is running.


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