I consistently shiver when I take the public bus method in the Wintertide season

When gas prices jumped over $4.00 a gallon I parked our car for the foreseeable future plus started using our bike plus the public buses again.

It’s not worth it for me to drive in comfort to work if I’m going to be paying twice as much to do so as usual.

On top of the money savings, I’ve already lost 15 pounds plus I’m starting to assume love I have more stamina than before. I can get to plus from work separate from much issue, plus if there are any stops that are too far away for just riding, the bus takes me the rest of the distance. Some people in these setups worry about heavy groceries such as bottled water or laundry detergent, but I have those products delivered to our home instead of worrying about getting them myself directly from the store. The only time that I don’t assume completely free with our situation is in Wintertide when the weather gets too frosty for me to ride our bike. The people I was with and I also get a lot of snow plus ice that make it considerably harder to get around on a bicycle, which leaves me with the public bus method from November until March every year. Sadly, the bus is consistently so frosty that I’m shivering while the two of us were in our ride; There is a meager heating method on all of the neighborhood buses, but it never hits our body with enough force to prevent me from noticeably shivering while others are not. It’s nice to save money using public moveation, but I don’t love the constant judgment from others when it comes to the public options.

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