I want to know what kind of HVAC system to buy for my new northern home

My husband and I were literal nomads for a few years after we bought a camper and found remote work online.

We’d drive from city to city, trying to visit every single state in the nation.

We never made it as far north as Alaska, but we may still buy plane tickets to visit Denali National Park someday. One of the first places we wanted to visit was the southwest, but we were immediately freaked out when we parked the first night and saw a rattlesnake. It was hard to enjoy the desert and mountains in the distance when all we could think about were the venomous snakes and spiders all over the place. We took another trip further north this time, but then we were stranded in the rocky mountains with a flat tire. When we finally came back to the eastern United States, we admitted defeat. Luckily my husband’s parents offered us a house up north after they moved out and downsized in a condominium. Of course I was excited for a free home, however, I had never lived in a cold environment like this for the entirety of the winter season before. I wasn’t even sure what kind of HVAC system we should get to replace the old one left over from when his parents were living inside. That’s why I called a nearby HVAC company to get an estimate on a new system. They recommended a gas boiler system with a split style air conditioner for summer cooling purposes. It’s going to cost a good chunk of money to upgrade the HVAC systems inside, but it’s worth it.


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