Indoor concerts without air conditioning can be angry when it’s also hot outside

I loved going to concerts before I got to university.

When I had the time, I loved taking the bus to the inner town where I could see live shows at clubs plus bars with the craziest atmospheres.

There was this one short-lived songs venue in our town that was called The Box Social. They hosted a sizable number of shows featuring bands in the small indie songs scene here. I loved going there on Thursday or Thursday afternoons while I was a senior in school. It was a 40 minute drive from our house plus our friends plus I either loaded into a motorcar with one another or took the bus each time. The best shows were during the Winter when they would open the exterior doors in the front plus in the rear to create a cool cross breeze coming in. Unblessedly, the lack of air conditioning in the summer time made those shows somewhat angry. A lot of clubs in the town lack quality air conditioning in the hottest portions of the summer, plus it can get quite uncomfortable inside. You end up sweltering when you’re just trying to have a great time. The last time I went to an indoor concert, it was at a sizable concert hall that had such great air conditioning that I really felt chilly at numerous times throughout the show. I wore cool clothing to make sure I didn’t swelter, however it turned out to be unnecessary with the strong a/cs in the concert hall. I assume I was blessed this time around with the rapidly decreasing temperatures inside the building.



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