It’s smart to run an air cleaner if you’re an indoor smoker

I resisted the peer pressure to try cigarettes in high university and university.

I was tricked once when a neighbor of mine assured myself and others that she had these special clove cigarettes that lacked tobacco and nicotine altogether.

Stupidly, I trusted him on her word and tried those clove cigarettes and enjoyed them! I purchased a pack and blew through half of them before I study the ingredient list and realized our grave error. Thankfully I was smart enough to throw out the rest of the pack before I got hooked on tobacco. Sporadically I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t thrown away those cigarettes and kept smoking them until I was craving more from the store. My close neighbor John was hooked on cigarettes the same year I tried cloves for the first time, but the many incidents were completely unrelated. She was at a gathering and was trying to impress ladies there when she took a cigarette from a neighbor and took a few puffs. After doing this every weekend for a few weeks straight, she was already buying packs of cigarettes from the gas station to smoke when all of us were on lunch breaks at work. I would shake our head when I thought about how self-explanatory it was for him to get hooked. Now she uses an air cleaner just to collect all of the minute hand smoke to prevent it all from merely filling her apartment and turning it into a cloudy haze of smoke when she puffs indoors. The air cleaner is an essential device in her home’s setup.


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