Leaving windows open at home isn’t smart if you have dust and mold outside

These small particles drifted in through open windows

As a guy, many of my close friends in my 20s lived fairly unencumbered lives. Several were perpetual bachelors with messy apartments and lacking hygienic standards that I take for granted within my own life. I hated visiting my friends’ homes and being disgusted by the state of their bathrooms and kitchens. Even the ones with long term partners didn’t seem to care enough about cleanliness and home maintenance. Back then they just wanted to party and have as much fun as possible, and few were thinking about the long term future and what it would hold. My friend Chris lived in the city down the street from the state hospital. It was a high-demand area for real estate, and he was lucky to find the duplex that he resided in for two years before losing it over a dumb plan to “live in the woods” with a conartist he had invited into his life. That duplex would have been a lot better if he had taken better care of it. He always had the windows open, regardless of the time of the year and the weather outside. This resulted in a lot of dust, pollen, and mold spores getting in from outside. These small particles drifted in through open windows. They would settle on every conceivable surface inside his duplex, and you can imagine how bad it would get after just a few weeks of no dusting or sweeping. I would have mild allergic reactions whenever visiting his place and in the end I had to give up visiting my friend where he lives.

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