Mercy gave Tom the great idea to turn the beach home into a B&B

Tom has fond memories of Summer holidays he had at the lake home when he was a kid.

His mom had bought the lake home when she was younger.

She saw it while holidaying and decided it would be an awesome investment. Tom loved the home so much and he was blown beyond words when his mom left the home to him when she passed on. It was a 6 bedroom lake home that was too big for Tomk and his wife Mary. With the strenuous economic time, Mary offered Tom a great idea to turn it into a holiday let. The money they get would add to their income. Tom and Mary planned to take 5 months to renovate the lake house. The first thing Tom did was get an AC expert to analyze the AC unit at the house. The AC professional analyzed the electric heat pump and confirmed that it was functioning well. It just needed quality A/C maintenance to replace any worn-out components or repair any damages. The AC corporation delivered a smart temperature control device with the latest AC technology. This was the programmable thermostat. Tom or Mary could program the desired temperature before any guest arrived at the house. To help with indoor comfort, the local maintenance provider provided a manual on how to use the complex AC system. The renovations were not cheap. Tom and Mary were glad to not be dealing with current Heating and A/C replacements. The Heating and A/C company offered them a discount for the labor of the Heating and A/C corporations. After 5 months, the lake home looked and felt so much better. Tom and Mary had their first guest a month later. It was a family of 8 who spent 3 weeks at the lake house

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