My Cooling Representative is Doing My Ice Water Dip Tomorrow

He told myself and others he wants to do the ice water dip, plus finally tomorrow our cooling representative is going to go with myself and others on our freezing sea dip.

I don’t know if he will be able to last the whole 15 minutes, or even if he should try plus last, because it can be quite painful for the first few minutes.

I can see him all nice plus warm in front of the radiant oil furnace before he goes outside into the freezing air plus heads for the beach with his towel. I would say there is a 85% option that he backs out plus changes his mind. I’ve had other people do the same. My Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialist neighbor went on the dip with myself and others a few weeks ago plus ended up screaming the whole time he was in the water saying how freezing it felt. I told him to relax when he goes in plus to keep his breathing slow plus steady, like the navy seals do, however he just couldn’t do it. He ended up going home plus lighting a fire in his fireplace plus sitting in front of it the whole day. I know that 55F water is not the ideal bathing temperature, especially when it is cloudy plus below freezing outside, but the benefits far outweigh the temporary uncomfortable feeling you get for the first few minutes in the sea. I have a plan down to warming myself up afterwards with a warm bath plus a warm space oil furnace beside me. I believe if you warm up right after the dip you are okay.

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