Need to Make a Home Checklist Before I Leave for a Month

I will be flying out of here in six days and gone for a month so I need to think about what I need to do with this place while I am gone.

Maybe I need to get a friend to come over to turn on the HVAC system each day and run the fan at least so it doesn’t get too stale and dusty here.

I should also have him flush the toilet each few days so the water doesn’t start growing lily pads and have tadpoles swimming around. I have a whole home air purifier and am wondering if I should leave it on, but a month straight seems like a long time for it to be running. It would also get very clogged up with dust if my friend doesn’t come over to clean it. I am going to get a kitten when I come back so I need to keep that in mind when I go on my next long trip away. Maybe my HVAC rep could come over and catsit while I am gone if I let him stay here. I need to figure that out because I can’t let a cat stay here alone even if someone were coming over each day to visit it. I need someone to live with it or it would get very sad and lonely I bet. I’m going to go to the local business today, that deals with pets, and see if they have any ideas about what to do with a pet if you are gone for a few weeks or so.



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