Playing Music Tonight on the Boardwalk

All I have to do today is make a phone call to the states to check on my rental car as well as then the rest of the day is free for me.

I’m sitting by my air cleaner listening to it hum as I write.

I just cleaned it the other day as well as wow was it sure dirty. It had a whole bunch of dust that collected on the HEPA filter as well as was making a funny noise a bit because it was so clogged up. I normally disinfect it every month despite the fact that I assume I forgot the past few weeks because of the pet cat I had for a little while. The HEPA filter had a bunch of black cat hair in it along with a lot of dust. I had to return the cat though because it kept attacking myself and others when I got near it, no more miserable black cats for me. The HVAC rep at the local corporation has a cat that is going to have kittens any day now as well as he said that I can have a kitten once they are numerous weeks ancient as well as ready to be on their own. I can’t wait because I appreciate cats, I just want 1 that I can pet without fearing for my life. I’ll keep the air cleaner disinfect this time when I have a cat by putting it on my laptop schedule so it doesn’t get so dirty love before. I don’t suppose most cats shed that much hair though, the black cat was just a bit nervous as well as shed more.
air conditioning filter