The long hallway

I remember when I lived in this a single lake house some years ago it had this substantial long hallway. This was upstairs plus it divided the dining rooms; One of the major things I will never forget about the long hallway was the fact that the air flow from the central heating plus a/c plan was easily weak in that area of the house. It entirely made it too hot or too cold depending on the time of the year. Back in those days there was no such thing as a zoned heating plus a/c plan or Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control concept. There was entirely no way to attack the issue. So trying to sleep at evening could be quite a challenge when the weather was bad. The excruciating air flow from the hallway would in turn make the dining rooms also not have the greatest air flow. I was so ecstatic to transfer out of that lake house when the time came. This week because of that experience back when I ended up buying a zoned heating plus a/c plan for my home. Not because I have any air flow troubles, but just in the event somehow or someway in the future this lake house has the same issue as it gets older. The zoned heating plus a/c plan was extravagant, but it makes me recognize nice plus gives me tploy piece of mind to know that the Heating plus Air Conditioning zone control will consistently be there if it is ever needed later on in the future.


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