The price of not taking care of things

When you do not keep up with things you could end up paying dearly for it.

  • This was my lesson l earned when it came to my central heating and a/c.

I had not had my ductwork cleaned in about 2 years and this was the largest mistake I could have made. Because by not getting my ductwork cleaned in almost 2 years, it caused the central heating and a/c to work overtime and then it ended up chopping down to the point where you could not even do any kind of Heating as well as A/C repair to save it. That cost myself and others numerous thoUnited Statesnd dollars to then be forced to get a brand new, current, certainly expensive but pretty powerful central heating and a/c. Ever since I had to buy this certainly expensive modern heating and cooling system I made a promise to myself that I would get my ductwork cleaned once every 6 months. That is twice a year. It could be more than enough as once a year is what I used to do. But I want to be on the safe side because I never want to have my central heating and a/c die on myself and others again love that to where I have to invest in a totally brand modern central heat and air conditioning unit. That was an expensive thing I did not need to pop up! Had I cleaned my ductwork, it would have never happened. A fancy lesson I l earned that time let myself and others tell you!

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