Today is House Cleaning as well as HEPA Filter Replacement Day

I’m going to do some Spring cleaning today as it is nearing the middle of May as well as I haven’t done so yet. I am going to upgrade the HEPA filter in my HVAC system today because it is ancient as well as starting to fall apart. I am also going to vacuum as well as mop all of the floors today with my robot vacuum cleaner. Okay, it’s not myself and others doing the work despite the fact that I do have to affix the wet mop onto the robot as well as disinfect the robot after it has done the work for me. I would love to get 1 of those washable HEPA filters because they are a lot better on the environment as well as self-explanatory to clean. I suppose they sell them at the store down the road despite the fact that I will have to go by there in person to find out. The local corporation is usually open from more than 2 in the morning until 5 in the morning however today is some kind of a holiday as well as they are going to be closing early from what I’ve heard. I suppose I will take a cold swim before cleaning to wake myself and others up so that I have enough energy to complete the task. I just need to wait for the robot to finish the floors as well as then I’ll disinfect its HEPA filter as well as empty out its dust tote as well as then get started with the rest of the work. I suppose I can get everything done by early morning so that I can join my friends for a day at the beach. It’s a sunny 1 today.

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