Air conditioning service men need to keep learning

When I was a teacher, I had to keep learning. I had to keep discovering and working to find better and more interesting and more fun ways to teach English to high school students. Engineer’s, too, have to earn CEUs every year and learn more about what it takes to be a good engineer in the modern world. The same can be said for just about every profession, whether or not that professional has gone to a four-year College, a community college, a university, or even a trade school. For example, I recently learned that my cousin, who is an AC technician, has to go to school this summer to continue learning more about HVAC technology and how to keep up with all the changes going on in the heating and cooling industry. I had not thought about it before, but of course air conditioning service technicians need to keep learning just like everyone else. I have discovered that there are even places where AC guys can go online to ask questions of other HVAC technicians who may have come across a situation similar to the one this particular AC worker has found himself in. The guy who was here to fix my HVAC system last year told me about that when I saw him working on his phone. I did not think anything of the fact that he was looking at his phone, but I guess he felt the need to tell me that he was online looking up some questions he had about my AC system. I don’t recall what was wrong with my HVAC system that time, but I do remember that the guy who came to do the AC repair on the ball.

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