I actually didn’t expect our child to get into the Heating and A/C industry

Our child has consistently had a appealing personality and she likes baking.

I consistently thought she would end up being a baker and possibly running her own bakery one afternoon, but she ended up surprising us.

She ended up going into the Heating and A/C industry working as an Heating and A/C expert. She l acquired all about working on different Heating and A/C systems and studied a lot about installation labor for residential and commercial systems. It’s not like I’m surprised that she was able to become such a skilled Heating and A/C tech, I knew she could do whatever she put her mind to because she’s so smart. I just never realized that she had a passion when it came to heating and cooling systems. She finally told me it was when I bought her a window AC unit for her living room long ago when she became so interested in systems like that. She asked me if I remembered the time when the window AC was having problems, and I taught her how to open it up, wipe it out, and make sure the wiring was all good. When we fixed the window AC unit together, I know she wanted to learn more about Heating and A/C systems, of course, she still likes to bake and she is consistently making delicious pretzels for her co-workers at the Heating and A/C company and her clients. Everybody enjoys her baked goods, and I still tell her that she should own a bakery one afternoon. Who knows, maybe it can be a bakery and an Heating and A/C corporation combined, but I’m not sure how that would work.