I surprised her with a new air conditioning system

If there is one thing that I entirely love doing for other people at a surprising them.

I just particularly enjoy the look on their faces when they get something that they were not expecting. I decided to get my wifey a gift and surprise her with it. The longest time now she has been needing a brand new air conditioner. Both of us did not use a central A/C in our beach house because both of us were looking to save money on our utility bills and so she just used a ductless mini cut air conditioner. This A/C system has served her well for a entirely long time however age is catching up to it and it’s starting to labor less efficiently than it did in the past. She had been talking over and over about getting a new one and so I figured why not surprise her, her birthday was coming up anyways and it would be a great idea! I decided to take a stop to my local heating and A/C company and see what Heating as well as A/C products they had available for sale. I knew what I was looking for although I wasn’t sure on the particular type of air conditioner I was going to get. I figured maybe it would be best just to get her another Ductless mini cut AC. When I went there I asked the heating and cooling worker if they had any discounts on the Ductless Mini cut A/C systems. I was informed that while I did not have any particular cells for that item, they did have a price reduction if you were a new customer. I was a new customer to this heating and cooling company and so I got a free 20% discount! My wifey’s birthday I had a surprise her by wrapping it up real big move. She was thrilled when she saw the new air conditioner and she hasn’t stopped using it since I got it for her.

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