I was so happy to see the HVAC technician

Just the other afternoon, as the weatherman was predicting uneven temperatures in the 90s and maybe even into triple digits, I came home from work and found out that my air conditioner was not working.

I laughed at my pet whose tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and when I went to make sure she had water I discovered that her bowl was just as dry as the desert, so, I feel it had not been working for quite a while during the afternoon when I was not here.

We called the air conditioner dealer, and they were quite helpful. They agreed that it was undoubtedly important that they get out here the next afternoon to see what was wrong with my heating and A/C. I have only had a few occasions where I have had to call the heating and A/C professionals, every time that I have used this heating and cooling dealer, the people that work there have been quite nice, friendly, as well as professional, then of course, when I discovered the malfunctioning A/C oh, it was already about 7 at night, as well as way too late to expect someone to come and repair the air conditioner. true to their word though, they did arrive the next afternoon oh, and I was quite blissful to see the AC truck pull into my driveway. The night before I had slept without any air conditioner. Oh, and that was the time when I came to like the fact that I live in this country that is so blessed that we are able to even have heating and cooling. We are able to change the weather!

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