Looks like my baby brother had to learn on his own terms

My little brother has always been pretty stubborn and never wants to listen to any good advice.

Well, recently he got into a bit of trouble because he wanted to terminate his lease early. I was the one who told him from the beginning that he should be careful about signing a lease contract and he should make sure he understands everything within the contract, especially when it comes to early lease termination. He said he wouldn’t have any issues, but then he ended up losing his job. He had issues with the HVAC in the house too and he complained to the landlord about all that. The landlord started to become angry though because he was paying his rent late and he said he wasn’t going to fix the HVAC until my brother was caught up on rent. Well, having lost his job, it was tough for him to do this. I ended up helping him get a lawyer, but there wasn’t much that could be done because my brother technically was violating his lease and he just wanted to move out and quit paying rent altogether. When he did this though, he had to go back to court and he had to pay some hefty fees to the landlord. The landlord of course repaired all the HVAC equipment after my brother moved out of the house. It’s a shame he didn’t listen to my advice early on, but I know he at least learned a valuable lesson here. In the meantime, I’m letting him stay with me for a short while until he can get back on his feet. He’s currently studying to become an HVAC technician which I think is a wise career choice.

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