My apple, kefir, and yoga routine

Every morning I have an apple with kefir for breakfast and then do my yoga routine.

I care about to drink kefir instead of yogurt because it is loaded with probiotics and has more strains of the great bacteria.

Morning yoga is as important as brushing my teeth. I have been doing it every single morning for the past 12 years or so. Yoga keeps my body loose and flexible and trains my mind to be consistent and patient. After yoga, I am going to work on the indoor air pollen levels in this beach house because I have noticed a lot more dust than before and I think I may need to buy a whole beach house air cleaner to wash it up. I am going to buy one of those ppm meters this week to check the air quality even though I am sure it isn’t great because I have been sneezing an awful lot lately. I checked our HEPA filter in the central air equipment however it was clean, so I suppose I need to take an additional step to get the air cleaner. I will go down to the hardware store which sells air cleaners to ask them about the newest ones they have and how they work. I did some ductwork cleaning a few weeks ago, thinking it would solve our problem, even though I still have an issue with the dust being everywhere. I live in an older beach house and I suppose there must be a lot of dust in the walls or attic so I need to work on getting it removed as soon as possible.


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