My dog destroyed my new air purifier

There’s nothing worse than getting something that is brand new only I haven’t destroyed.

This is the exact situation I’m having with my dog.

I have absolutely love my dog but he is really doing a number on my brand new air purifier. I do not have major indoor air quality problems in my home but I like the idea of having a air purifier for a peace of mind. If I know that I have any air purifier in my home I can relax much more knowing that my indoor air quality is as clean as I can possibly get it. It is very important to me that I live in a clean and fresh home because of my pets and my children. I know that if you have bad indoor air qualities there are all kinds of dirt, germs, and viruses that you can introduce into your home and I want my home to be a safe spot that is free from as much bacteria as possible. As long as it is clean, we should all be healthy. However it’s good to keep the air clean if the air purifier is being destroyed. My dog wants to charge towards the air purification system full speed and then knock it over and then proceeds to chew on it. I have had to scold him and then lock him up in the crate just to get him to stop but now my air purifier has two marks and dents in it. I have a feeling I don’t have to get another one soon.

a/c professional