My partner was entirely serious about farming and gardening

My partner consistently said that when we bought a home with a lot of land, she wanted to do a lot of gardening and farming. I didn’t know how serious she was until we absolutely did get a nice rural home with about 5 acres. She invested in a tractor so she could plow the land the way she wanted and she planted all kinds of things like corn, peppers, picklees, raspberries, strawberries, and more. At the edge of our property, she had a sit built and she stays there all the time to sell a lot of her produce. She wasn’t selling a lot of stuff in the start, but now she consistently makes a hefty profit because the food is so amazing. A lot of people in the area care about to stop by to option up some organic food. She even planted a bunch of peach trees and made a whole orchard on our land. She says she can’t wait until those peach trees are producing fruit. One thing that concerned me though is the fact that she is consistently out working hard in the sun. I decided to install a ductless mini chop system in her enclosed sit with a bit of insulation and a nice roof. I also put a couple of solar panels on the roof to power up the heating and cooling equipment. Now she can stay out there for the length of the afternoon and know perfectly comfortable all the time! I am still consistently telling her while she’s working on her farming and gardening, that she needs to get into the condo from time to time to cool down with the I don’t want her out there collapsing from a heat stroke or anything like that.


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