Need to Solve the Mystery of My Leaking Air Duct

I’m losing a lot of air flow somewhere in the ductwork and I need to find out where it is.

I think some of that duct tape came off one of the joints on the ducts and is leaking a lot of air from it. I checked out my HVAC system’s air handler area and didn’t see any air leaking from there so I assume it is somewhere in the basement where the ductwork is running. We have the vents in the floors of this house as we don’t have an attic or a crawlspace and the ceilings are too low to run ducts along. Maybe some rats got into chewing up the tape on the ducts or something but I need to go down there and fix it. I have to go to the local business to buy some duct tape and then I am ready to rock. I started noticing that the air conditioning wasn’t cooling the house down much anymore so I first cleaned the HEPA filter but then noticed it still isn’t cooling well. Then I checked the air flow from the vents and saw that it was restricted, so I am assuming it must be a leak in one of the ducts. If I can’t solve the problem then I will call my friend, who works at the local HVAC company, to see if he has some time to come out and help me fix it. I don’t think they are open today, which is Sunday, so I will give them a call in the morning if I can’t fix it myself.

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