The house has been smelly

I have always considered myself to be a very clean person but recently in my house has been having a lot of strange smells that I just cannot explain.

The strange thing is that I cannot find the smell in one single room, I can walk anywhere around in my house and it will be there.

The smell seems to drift everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It’s like I cannot pinpoint the exact location of where it is. I have thrown away all the trash, did deep cleaning of the whole house and that smell still lingers. I was trying to really get concerned because I was worried about my family and myself breathing in this bad odor. I know how good or bad indoor air quality can impact how your health is. It was then that my husband brought up that maybe we should call the HVAC technician and make sure it wasn’t something that had to do with the heating and cooling system. I just went over to the thermostat and didn’t seem like it would be anything like that. The thermostat looks fine, the AC looks fine. But with nothing being found I figured we had to try something and so I agreed. We got into contact with a local heating and air conditioning company and asked for them heating and air conditioning technician and try to find the sources of problem. When the heat and AC guy arrives it took him no time to find where the smell was coming from. It was from the air ducts! He asked us when was the last time the air ducts had been cleaned was and I was embarrassed to tell him that I didn’t know. But he didn’t seem to mind and he quickly cleaned their air ducts and got rid of the smell.

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