The restrooms were filled with paper and urine

I went to a concert with some of my friends Last week and I was completely disgusted by the foul restrooms located inside of the site, and the mobile restrooms were some of the most disgusting buildings that I have ever seen.

  • They were filled up with urine and toilet paper before the concert even started.

The mobile restrooms were located in front of the concert arena. There were other restrooms inside of the concert site, however these were the only restrooms located outside. The row of more than five portable restrooms were all in bad shape, but i told 1 of the ticket agents about the bathrooms and she made a rude comment to me about concertgoers being disgusting people. I easily could not believe she legitimately said that to me. I found a security guard and I tried to tell that guy about the shape of the bathrooms too. He did not seem the least bit interested either. I finally had enough rejection. I decided to call the telephone number listed on the back of the portable restroom. I easily did not guess anyone would chance up the phone at 9:30 in the night, however a person answered the phone and I told her that I was calling about the portable restrooms located in the parking lot of the arena… She took my complaint and she promised to contact the person that was responsible for emptying the tank. She thanked me for the phone call and promised to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. It did not help me that night, however at least she made me guess love someone was listening to my problems.
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