A friendly deed

I am an independent heating and air conditioning specialist who works for myself.

And sometimes, if friends or family need some kind of heating and cooling repair or home services I will provide it for free as a good deed. This happened recently when a good friend of mine had their central heating and air conditioning system break down right in the middle of a super hot day. They tried to call for emergency heating and cooling home services from their local heat and a/c company and there were none available. So he called me and asked if I could come out to him to repair the central heating and air conditioning system. He offered to pay me for the long distance out of town trip charge and the heating and cooling repair at my regular rates. However I wanted to do him a favor and charged him nothing. He had done something for me recently, so this would be the return favor and good deed. I was glad to find that the central heating and air conditioning system repair was not a difficult one. It was something I was able to fix with ease and save my friend a few hundred bucks. I stayed and hung out for a while after I repaired the central heating and air conditioning system. The air conditioning really felt great once it was back on again. That was my good deed and return favor for what my buddy did for me recently. And I do not mind doing free favors for friends and family sometimes if they return the love back so to speak later.

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