Better Air Flow in First Class

For me, one of the worst parts about traveling is the actual travel.

I hate the long car rides, the endless plane trips, or spending any amount of time confined in one spot while moving at a rapid pace.

I’m someone who likes to be comfortable at all times and I don’t enjoy the “adventure.” I don’t like being hot or cold or unable to sit in a relaxed position. I certainly don’t enjoy going through a security line and only being able to travel with a limited amount of belongings. As you can imagine, I don’t travel by plane unless I have to. Unfortunately, a life event that I was required to be a part of required me to travel by airplane. I dreaded the day I needed to fly and I did everything I could to prepare myself. I dressed in layers and hoped that the air flow wouldn’t be terrible. I even booked myself a first class ticket because I knew that it would be my best shot at a more enjoyable journey. The first class seat was spacious and reclined further than any economy seat I’d ever been on. To make things even better, there was an additional air vent that allowed for better airflow. I was able to close and move the air vents to my liking and I found that I wasn’t too hot or too cold at any point. I’m really glad I booked myself a first class ticket because I wouldn’t have had the same experience anywhere else on the plane. The big seat and extra air vents were exactly what I needed!

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