Driving in the blazing sun

I am one who loves to take drives in the summer time months of the year.

The only problem with that is that the sun gets real blazing hot.

In order for me to take those summer drives I have to be fully prepared. This requires I wear shades and have the best possible air conditioning in my car. I always right before the summer take my car to the auto shop to have the central air conditioning tuned up and looked at. And if there is anything wrong, the air conditioning is fixed. One time I remember I even had to have the central air conditioning in the car replaced completely. Which was fine with me. As long as I was able to take my long summer drives in the best indoor comfort I would be happy with that. And I paid for it too cause the air conditioning was worth every single penny. Having air conditioning that works good in your car should be a must even if you do not take long drives in the hot blazing sun during the summer time months of the year. Air conditioning in a car is actually more important than heating in my opinion. Because when it is too hot you get tired and weak. You could also dehydrate. When it is cold there are natural ways to keep warm if needed. With it being hot, air conditioning is the only way in the world. Without air conditioning in a car, people would have lots of problems more than they know.


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