Dusty Smell From AC System

I wasn’t able to get my AC system serviced before I turned on my AC system for the season. With my work schedule being so crazy and the HVAC company being completely booked for several weeks, I had no choice but to turn on my AC system before it was looked at by an HVAC professional. I had fears about turning it on because the equipment had been sitting untouched for several months while the furnace ran during the winter. I knew the AC system was in good shape when I turned it off for the season, but there was still a little fear that something would be wrong when I turned it on. The temperature outside paired with the humidity levels didn’t leave me any choice but to turn on the AC though. When it began running, I noticed a dusty smell coming through the air vents, but I assumed it was normal. However, when it wouldn’t go away, I thought something was wrong. I began to panic and my fear about something being wrong was growing, so I went online and tried to see what it could be. After doing the best research I could, I found a website from a local HVAC company that said the dusty smell was normal. My AC system had been sitting for a long time and a lot of dust had accumulated. All of that dust was being pushed into my house and it would disappear in a few hours. If the smell didn’t go away though, I would need to have the system looked at by an HVAC professional.

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