Free is nice with me

I have never won anything in our entire life.

I had entered plenty of contests plus even played the lottery many times.

I even gambled in casinos plus never once have I won! Well, recently the local heating plus a/c company that I use had a contest where they were giving away 2 portable a/cs to the winner. It cost nothing to enter plus was available to loyal correct customers of the heat plus cooling system corporation. So I entered. And guess what? I was the winner! It was the easily first time in our life that I had won anything plus I am pushing 50 years old! Now easily I didn’t need any portable a/cs because I already have 1 in the event of an Heating plus Air Conditioning emergency. However, when it is free of course I will take it. The extra 2 portable a/cs that I now have could be of use for Heating plus Air Conditioning emergencies also to where I could cool other rooms in the beach house as well if the central heating plus a/c happens to go out in the warm summer. I will not sell these because they are a token of the fact that I easily won something in our life. I do not think if I will ever win anything again. It is doubtful based on our past history with this sort of thing. But you never know. Maybe this winning of the free portable a/cs from the local heat plus cooling system company was an omen plus the beginning of the turn of luck for me when it comes to entering contests.

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