How can they work here?

That is the only time I will even touch this location so to speak

There is this a single convenience store in the area that has the worst air quality plus the worst central heating plus in it. I genuinely dislike going to this location unless I absolutely have to. The bad air quality is because it is also a gas station, plus that in itself causes bad air quality if not maintained right with some sort of air purification. Then the fact that the central heating plus in the store is genuinely weak makes things worse. I genuinely do not feel how people can even work there! I did not have the heart to even comment or ask a single of the workers in that location this question. It absolutely is because they can not get any other task plus are rather stuck I would imagine. I can tell you that the only way you will find myself and others going to that location with the bad air quality plus the bad central heating plus is if it is super early in the day on the way to work before most other locations along the way are open to get gas. That is the only time I will even touch this location so to speak. And when I do, I prepare myself to just get my gas, get in there to pay for it plus get out instantly. After being in there for even just a few hours I feel sick to my stomach cause of the bad air quality. I feel for those who work there!
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