I’d rather watch it on tv

I am a big sports fan.

Especially of baseball plus pigskin.

However, I would much rather watch the games on TV than go plus sit at the location in person. The reason for this is because I genuinely can not sit enjoying outdoor sporting events live. It is because it is either too frosty or too tepid for me. And all I would wanna do is to be able to sit on my comfortable sofa plus appreciate my central heating plus unit! I did pay a lot of money for my central heating plus , so I genuinely want to get the most out of it that I can. Also those uncomfortable plastic seats they have at the locations make my rear end hurt while trying to watch a game. You easily pay for this? It is ridiculous really! I will appreciate a game for free with the good central heating plus I have at home. I will also periodically pay to watch a game on pay per view if it is gave to support the teams that I like. But I will absolutely, positively never go to watch an outdoor sporting event live! I need the temperatures to be perfect plus have my heating or providing that plus I need the comfort of my couch. This is just the way it is for me. Who wants to sit in the frosty frosty or blazing daylight for hours? I don’t understand why people do it. And periodically I don’t even understand how the teams can even play!


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