Lived through the advancement

Being as old as I am I have seen things come and go, and I have seen things change in technology.

Especially when it comes to heating and air conditioning technology.

I have seen the dawn of central heating and air conditioning systems being put into residential homes and I even remember when gas furnaces were the common way people heated their homes long before central heating was available for residential neighborhoods. It used to be where central heating and air conditioning was only found in commercial buildings in the form of what they call commercial heat and a/c units. But I seen all that move forward and by the early to mid 1990’s, everyone who had an average income was able to afford to have central heating and air conditioning in their home. This was a very strange to see it all happen this way when I had been used to gas furnaces and window air conditioning systems all of my life up until that point. I have seen it all! When I was a kid window air conditioning systems were not even that common in homes. Most people had to use fans and suffer when it got real hot out because even window air conditioning units were pretty expensive. That should tell you how old I am right there! But today’s heating and air conditioning technology I can and will admit is much better than how it was when I was growing up, that is the real truth in my opinion!

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