My Ductless Unit Needed a Clean Filter

I’ve had a ductless mini split plan in my home office for years.

I wasn’t the original 1 who installed it, however I recognize the previous owners were.

I was hesitant about using the ductless plan because I’d never used 1 before, but I’ve grown to like it, and since it’s mounted close to the ceiling, it’s out of the way as well as it blends into the wall. The ductless plan runs off of electricity as well as the remote control is super simple to use. I can turn the ductless mini split component on as well as off, I can flip between heat as well as air, as well as I can adjust the temperature, only having these various features makes it easy for me to heat as well as cool my room. The ductless plan in my home office had consistently been great, but, I was beginning to notice a downgrade in my air quality. It felt appreciate I was consistently dusting as well as vacuuming because dust as well as debri was settling onto all the surfaces at a rapid rate. I also noticed that my dust irritations were flaring up whenever I was sleeping, which was untypical for the time of year it was. Since I was a part of the annual Heating as well as Air Conditioning comfort club, I called an Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional to come look at the ductless unit. Upon hearing my issues as well as examining the ductless component himself, she told me that I needed to wash the air filter. I didn’t recognize the ductless mini split component had an air filter, so this was news to me! Now, I recognize what kind of maintenance needs to be done in the future.