Proud of my brother

I am so proud of my little brother. He had graduated from high school and then went right to heating and air conditioning school to get his certification to become a heat and a/c specialist. He just passed his final exam today and now he is all ready to go out in the field and becoming a real working heat and a/c specialist. My little brother also already has a job lined up with one of the local heating and air conditioning companies here in town. So he does not have to go crazy trying to find a job like many others will that were in his class. He was really on top of things and planned ahead! The local heating and air conditioning company hired him ahead of time with the stipulation being that if he did not pass his final exam and get his certification, of course he would not have the job. But he did and all is great! Like I said I am very proud of my little brother. He wanted nothing more than to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist and to have a long lasting career in the heating and cooling business for the rest of his working life. I wish him nothing but the best and hope that he is very successful in the world of heating and air conditioning repair. Maybe someday he will be able to start his very own heating and cooling business and become an independent heat and a/c specialist. But for now, he is doing great!


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